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Effective August 10, 2017 clients will enjoy being served in our new suite of offices.  It is in the same building and right next door to our present location.

Please update your records with the following new address:

Dr. Linda Hancock Inc.

430 6th Avenue SE Suite 124

Medicine Hat, Alberta

T1A 2S8


All other contact information remains the same.

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A New Model!!



People turn to professionals when they don’t know how to resolve their problems.

They need and want someone who they can trust.  Someone who will take them through a process that reduces their stress.  Someone who can lead them to a place where they can create solutions that will improve their lives and the lives of those who they care most about. Read More→

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Sometimes life can feel kind of crazzzzzzy! 

What we once knew as a “workday” has evolved into a world of 24/7 demands.  Technology has kept us scrambling to keep up with streams of unending information.  We serve several roles at a time, always trying to balance tasks in order to maintain good health.

Well, over the years I have had the privilege of helping over 7000 clients turn the crazzzzies into a life of wonderful adventure.

You see, adventure is a mindset – a way of viewing and dealing with the world so that you can sail through the day with a song in your heart and a smile on your lips…learn more about Linda’s book by clicking here!

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