Article written by Gillian Slade of the Medicine Hat News

For anyone who has seriously considered starting their own business, Dr. Linda Hancock’s latest book, “Open for Business Success,” is the perfect book to read before you let go of your good job and employer.

Hancock takes the reader on a self-employment analysis before they make the leap but is equally helpful for those who may already be floundering in the self-employment world.

She poses the pertinent questions and provides detailed information on how to calculate some of the financial revelations and strategies. No detail is left unturned in what goes into choosing premises and what the working environment will say to potential customers.

With practical experience she explains what it will be like to wear the many hats of a self-employed person: being the employer, human resources manager, property manager, business manager and marketing manager to name just a few. Hancock even devotes several pages on marketing your business without spending any cash and if you’re nervous about dealing with the media she includes 10 tips to help there too.

“Open for Business Success” allows a novice to fully benefit from Hancock’s personal experience. She’s generous in advice on hiring staff, establishing job descriptions and even the top three mistakes employers make and how to avoid them: breaking promises, making assumptions and not communicating.

The book guides the reader through the labyrinth of administrative and accounting practices in easy bites that include government requirements.

If you’re feeling a little worried about all the details, Hancock has carefully structured the book allowing the reader to face the requirements in easy chapters with lots of sub-headings.

Each chapter is followed by a handy checklist to assess your personal plan from the ideas Hancock presented and there are also lines for personal notes.

For anyone who has wished someone could guide them through the decisions of a life-time, being their own boss, this book is the answer. Hancock provides a professional view and at the same time a practical one. Her qualities and business acumen reflected in “Open for Business Success” are unique and extremely valuable.