As you know, Canadians are now being encouraged to use physical distancing due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus.  Because of this we have been doing research to determine how we can best meet your needs.


I am working from hone as recommended and the office is temporarily closed.


The College of  Alberta Psychologists has recommended that we use a private web conference network. is one  telemedicine software for providing therapy for our clients.  It is 128 byte encrypted and HIPPA approved.


The great news is that you can continue to have appointments with me which will involve:


-using a computer, IPhone, Ipad or Anderoid to participate


-seeing and hearing each other just as though we are in the room together


-knowing that your sessions will be secure (unless you allow others to hear and see)


-receiving services in the location of your choice



Mark will be contacting you over the next few days to obtain consent, set you up or hear what options you might prefer.




PS:  I was nervous about this but realize that it is really very simple.  You will too once Mark has explained it to you.


Effective August 10, 2017 clients will enjoy being served in our new suite of offices.  It is in the same building and right next door to our present location.

Please update your records with the following new address:

Dr. Linda Hancock Inc.

430 6th Avenue SE Suite 124

Medicine Hat, Alberta

T1A 2S8


All other contact information remains the same.

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