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Article written by Gillian Slade of the Medicine Hat News

For anyone who has seriously considered starting their own business, Dr. Linda Hancock’s latest book, “Open for Business Success,” is the perfect book to read before you let go of your good job and employer.

Hancock takes the reader on a self-employment analysis before they make the leap but is equally helpful for those who may already be floundering in the self-employment world. Read More→

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Success awaits you…

Learn the steps to take your business to the next level (and beyond)!

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of a professional who shares her business expertise in a way you have never heard before!

The strategies of this book have helped countless individuals enhance their careers.  Available in Soft & Hard Covers.

Soft Cover – $19.05

Hard Cover – $33.33


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Open for Business Success

A professional approach

for building your practice

Setting the vision and drawing your blueprint

Understanding value and marketing your practice

Creating a wonderful environment

Customizing the systems to function effectively

Ensuring your practice is strong

Securing your financial health

Satisfying your personal and professional needs

Frequently individuals study in their field for many years with a plan of starting a private practice in order to use their knowledge and skills. There are many things, however, about business that are never taught to these professionals to prepare them and despite their passion for a new venture, problems can arise in several areas.

My plan for SUCCESS encompasses seven specific areas of business that each need to be considered and implemented in order to do well. Whether you are an individual who is starting a business for the very first time or someone who has been practicing for many years, the principles in this book will help you to think about how you can do things in a manner that is faster, easier and more beneficial for you and your client. For more information click here.
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