People turn to professionals when they don’t know how to resolve their problems.

They need and want someone who they can trust.  Someone who will take them through a process that reduces their stress.  Someone who can lead them to a place where they can create solutions that will improve their lives and the lives of those who they care most about.

When they enter your office, they bring with them the same emotions and upset that contributed to the situation in the first place.  They are usually hurt, angry and confused.

Because of relationship and communication problems they might not even have the information that they need to make good decisions.

So they turn to you with the hope that you will know exactly how to help them focus on what is important.

That’s quite a responsibility!

Over the years I have worked with over 7,000 clients, several dozen of which were wanted to use mediation rather than litigation to resolve issues.  Many entered the process thinking that there wasn’t any hope and the belief that the other person was so unreasonable that progress could not be made.  Others stated that they felt they could work together for the sake of the children but then got tied up in strong negative emotions and immature behaviours that slowed everything down.

Most of them left the process with a good plan that they had helped to craft.

As a professional, you are not going to control the outcomes or the individuals.  You can, however, set up an environment that helps the individuals stay focused on the goals.  You can also help them to recognize that they can communicate and work together in a new way.

They don’t have to like each other – or you – in order to resolve their issues.

It doesn’t matter if you are a mediator, arbitrator, parenting coordinator, lawyer or another professional who works with families.  You need a process that will help you do your work with finesse.

This book leads you step-by-step through a process that works!  It is not just theory as individuals from many professions have used it and are amazed at how it helps them in:

•             Setting goals for the session

•             Getting the tools to help you do well

•             Preparing yourself for the appointment

•             Preparing the clients for success

•             Laying out the Process

•             Learning about family members and their activities

•             Identifying the Issues

•             Documenting Agreements

•             Understanding any unresolved issues

•             Planning the next step

You will also learn that you can get Dr. Linda’s personal help.

When you are finished reading this book you will have:

•             A process that works

•             Lists to help you through every step

•             Expertise

•             Confidence

And a feeling that reading this book was a really good decision!

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